Foundation Phase

Grades R - 3


Grade R is situated on the Fish Hoek Primary School grounds and is separately fenced and gated. We have a large playground equipped with jungle gyms, swings, a tractor and areas for sand and water play. We have our own special farmyard complete with ducks, chickens and bunnies.

There are 4 well equipped classes, each with their own qualified teachers as well as our invaluable student-teachers.

Our days are action packed with concrete learning experiences. All activities are centered around age appropriate themes such as my family, my pets, the seasons, special people, reptiles and amphibians. Fun days of dressing up are a highlight e.g. pajama day for hibernation, South African clothes for my country etc.

Ball Skills, which teaches vital gross-motor skills, occurs twice a week during the school day, and Computers, Domestic Skills and Keyboard take place in the main school building. Baking and experiments take place regularly and this is all included in the school fees.

There are various sports available after school for the children to take part in.

At FHPS each child’s individuality is appreciated and enhanced in a fun, warm and loving environment.


Grade 1 is fun! We have 4 classes that are ably led by caring, experienced and motivated teachers. In Grade 1, we have 2 'older' classes (children born in the first half of the year) and 2 'younger' classes (children born in the second half of the year). We have found this is beneficial to all the children as the younger classes need time to adjust emotionally. We believe happy children will learn! All our activities are fun and child centered. Although formal work is important, a lot of our activities involve oral work, movement and art. We also do lots of group work. One of our favourite things about Grade 1 is our phonics program – Letterland! Each week we introduce a different sound that has a corresponding character. Expect to make marvelous mauve marie marshmallows when we learn about ‘m’. Attend Poor Peter Puppy’s pajama party when we do ‘p’, and of course Clever Cat makes the children a chocolate cake for ‘c’. We let our little ones ease into big school by making all of our lessons interactive and lots of fun!



Fish Hoek Primary has four Grade 2 classes. The learners are now well able to read and write, and they thoroughly enjoy using these skills in the various themes that we cover. All of our grade 2 classrooms are fitted with interactive whiteboards. These are used for maths and reading activities where the children have a huge touch screen to explore.

We work in themes and include exciting outings like the Two Oceans Aquarium where we spend the day at their classroom for an exciting lesson touching the sea creatures and exploring the aquarium. We visit the Planetarium and gaze up at the stars as exciting stories are told about the stars.

In our classes we read and write and enjoy maths activities and art lessons. We spend an hour at computers and in the library every second week. Every week we go to Fun Gym in the hall and go outside for some physical activities. All learners participate in our music laboratory and learn essential skills at Domestic Skills. Eating what we have made is the best! Grade 2 is a busy, exciting and eventful year.


In Grade 3 we have a very exciting year. The children learn to do cursive writing and by the end of the year they are writing cursive all the time. We concentrate on literacy and do daily reading and language activities. Daily numeracy involves counting, bonds, drill, number concept, calculations as well as problem solving. When we do the bird theme we go on an outing to the Eagle Encounters at Spier. We also go on an outing to the Simon's Town Museum to learn about Just Nuisance. Our most exciting theme is dinosaurs. We make our own fossils and see the dinosaur exhibition at the Iziko Museum in Cape Town. We also learn about pirates and have an outing dressed up as pirates. The children learn to do French Knitting as well as do some lovely art and design tech activities. The children do computers every second week and book education every other week. Every week they do fun gym and Phys. Ed. The children are encouraged to take part in the extra mural activities like mini-cricket, swimming and mini-tennis.