The aim of the Fish Hoek Primary School Aftercare is to provide a safe, relaxed, happy 'home from home' atmosphere for the children in our care. All of our staff have years of experience & most hold a CPR and First Aid certificate.

  • Enrolment to Fish Hoek Primary School Aftercare Centre:

You will receive an enrolment form which you need to complete and return to us with all necessary details e.g. relevant contact numbers, addresses and important information about your child – Your child may only attend Aftercare on acceptance of their enrolment form. Please note enrolment forms are essential and that any changes to this information must be brought to our attention immediately. You will also receive a 'Rules and Regulations' form which you are asked to read through with your child. We have set rules which we insist on being adhered to for the safety and security of your child and the smooth running of the aftercare.

  • Times:

Gr R: 12h45-18h00 Monday to Friday throughout the year except public holidays.

Gr 1 to Gr 7: 13h00-18h00 Monday to Friday throughout the year except public holidays

On days when the School closes early, we will accommodate all grades. Aftercare starts on the first day of school in January and runs through until the 2nd week of December.

  • Daily program:

On arrival to the aftercare centre each day your child will receive a fully cooked, homemade midday meal (e.g.: Spaghetti Bolognaise, Macaroni & Cheese, chicken Strips, Beef or Chicken Burgers etc.). Sandwiches, fruit and juice is served everyday at 15h30.

Parents of children doing sports activities will be required to complete an extra mural form. All children must report to Aftercare before going to their sport in the afternoon. Our staff take and collect children attending "PRIVATE SPORT".

Free play indoors or outdoors will be the child's own choice as our staff are stationed in and outside during the entire afternoon. Children should be encouraged to wear play clothes in the afternoon to protect their school uniform.

We have books, puzzles, lego, playdough, colouring books, board games etc for indoor play. We have a Television/video/DVD player for those wet, cold days when the children want to watch.

Homework is done on a daily basis and is fully supervised from 14h00 to 16h30. Those children who arrive after 16h00 are encouraged to do their homework upon arrival, where they are still supervised. If there are parents who do not wish for their child to participate in homework class, we need this to be given to us in writing. Children should bring their own stationary for homework class (pencil, eraser, ruler etc). If children do not bring stationary to do their homework, or miss these sessions due to extra murals, they will have to complete their homework at home.

Because of the irregular picking up times of children and the busy sports programme we are not able to provide structural play for the children, therefore free play is offered.

Closing time is strictly 18h00. Please note that late fetching of children is not seen in a good light and will be billed at R40 per child, per five minutes or part thereof and will be payable on collection of the child to the carer who is sitting with your child. Please do not abuse the closing time, as staff also need to catch their transport home.

  • Holiday care:

We are very proud of our holiday care programme in that we provide a varied, busy, happy and fun filled time for your child. Children receive, breakfast, a mid morning snack, cooked lunch and an afternoon snack. Please note that this facility is provided at an additional cost. Please make enquiries at the aftercare.

Holiday care times: 07h00-18h00 (Monday - Friday)

Children are allowed to bring their bicycles, skateboards, roller blades etc to school during the holidays, but they are responsible for looking after their belongings (Please insist on protective gear where bicycles, skateboards and roller blades are concerned). Aftercare won’t be held responsible for loss or damage of property.

Aftercare Manager: Tereza Gouveia

Contact: +27 21 782 6113 ext 7 or 063 940 6990


  • Nadia Naude (Assistant Manager)
  • Shareen Petersen (Carer)
  • Esme Munnik (Carer)
  • Audrey Pass (Carer)
  • Miguela Gonsalves (Carer)
  • Thelma Titus (Homework Helper)
  • Lina Mavhakaza (Carer)
  • Progress Mlambo (Cleaner)